A Family of Urban Leaders Making Disciples Where We Live, Work, and Worship

Poets, pastors, practitioners and polymaths joining together to navigate life and make disciples on their boulevards.

Cultivated Community

Relationships to help you navigate landmines that loneliness and leadership in the urban context may bring.

Contextualized Content

Relevant resources to become who God made you to be so you can do all God made you to do.

What does family mean at MyBLVD?

F - Faith in Gospel

Our foundation is rooted in the person and work of Jesus Christ, heeding the call to go and make disciples.

A - Affinity to Urban

We are committed to serving in dense and diverse urban environments. We see both the beauty and complexity of life in minority-majority communities.


M - Mission to Neighbors

We adopt a neighbor missiology, in which we understand we must affirm our neighbor’s dignity and holistically engage them with the gospel.

I - Integrity in Action

Grounded in experience, our approach is practitioner-driven, promoting accountability and ensuring actions align with values.

L - Legacy in Mindset

We strive to leave a lasting legacy through the intentional investment of time, talent, and treasure.

Y - You

You are what makes us family! We are a community of leaders embracing our role in God’s story, leading with passion, navigating division, and declaring, “This is my boulevard!”

Our Story

Multiplying Urban Leaders for Over a Decade
Multiplying Urban Leaders for Over a Decade

The MyBLVD Family is a collaborative of churches whose aim is to be the last generation forced to leave the urban context in search of sound discipleship. We cultivate community through contextualized resources for pastors and church leadership teams helping them mobilize the church to make disciples where they live, work and worship. Some of us plant, and some of us water, but we believe that it is God who provides the increase of disciples multiplied into urban centers all around the world. (1 Cor.3:6)

Better Together

Navigating the path of leadership alone can be daunting, especially when lacking the expertise or resources to create meaningful change within our communities. Recognizing the power of collaboration, we’ve discovered that unity amplifies our impact. Together, with a collective focus on our neighborhoods and cities, we can accomplish far more together than we ever could individually.

Join a community of believers accepting responsibility and declaring, "This is my boulevard!"

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